Who Owns What

Green Advisory Board (Lead Owner) Leverage Green Communities grants Carbon Footprint measurement and reduction plan Joint community and town effort to use less fossil fuels
Green Advisory Board (Other Owner) Concentrate growth New development bylaws Education on disposal of unwanted items Create a Zero Waste Committee to promote recycling, reduction, and reuse. Reduce use of throw-aways. Support expanded bottle bill Transfer Station waste reduction Private trash haulers - waste reduction Renewable energy at transfer station District heating LEED certification Sustainability coordinator PACE legislation Energy retrofits on public buildings Energy-efficient ("Cool") roofing Organize web-based car pooling and ride sharing. Reduce vehicle idling Energy 'barn raisings' Expand GAB role Promote healthy biological communities Plant and protect large trees
Health Department (Lead Owner) Monitor groundwater quantity and quality West Acton Village sewers Stormwater planning to support 2020 plan Allow more dividing of existing lots for economical housing Implement the Comprehensive Water Resources Management Plan
Health Department (Other Owner) Concentrate growth Review zoning in light of plan goals and buildout potential Regional cooperation on development issues Index of developable parcels Key Centers Plan Zoning to support Key Centers Plan Strategic plan for commercial properties Redevelop Kelley's Corner Concentrate town investments in Kelley's Corner West Acton ‒ Plan some growth Concentrate investments in West Acton Recognize waterbodies as part of Acton's heritage Advanced package wastewater treatment Enhance quality of water discharges. Move industrial activity away from recharge areas Match Water District and Town protection zones Limit impervious surfaces Monitoring private wells Update private well standards Rainwater harvesting Education on disposal of unwanted items