Who Owns What

Economic Development Officer (Other Owner) Redevelop Kelley's Corner Kelley's Corner Association West Acton ‒ Plan some growth Concentrate investments in West Acton Tourist infrastructure Town gateways Protect AWD buffer zone along Mass Ave. Packaging reduction incentives Support new farming Zoning to encourage agriculture Public/private funding for shuttle Increase resident use of commuter rail Traffic and parking in centers Improve business access.
3.4.3 Encourage the business community to organize providing new residents with business information Enhance commercial tax base Employment-oriented development Work with property owners to make improvements to existing commercial areas.
Engineering Department (Lead Owner) Construct more sidewalks Multi-use path planning Pedestrian and bike maps Traffic calming
Engineering Department (Other Owner) Concentrate growth Review zoning in light of plan goals and buildout potential Key Centers Plan Zoning to support Key Centers Plan Village-specific sidewalk guidelines Encourage developer contributions of public space to town centers Redevelop Kelley's Corner Concentrate town investments in Kelley's Corner West Acton ‒ Plan some growth Concentrate investments in West Acton Scenic Roads Bylaw Freedom’s Way Landscape Inventory Town gateways Enhance quality of water discharges. Stormwater planning to support 2020 plan Limit impervious surfaces Planning for bicycle improvements Connect ARRT and BFRT Multi-use paths through open space Traffic and parking in centers Reconfigure street layouts
4.2.4 Non-motorized access to open space
5.4.1 Universal Design / Town facilities
5.4.3 ADA Transition Plan Implement the Comprehensive Water Resources Management Plan Technology for delivering services Streamline business permitting
Finance Committee (Lead Owner) Fiscal balance between town and schools