Who Owns What

Council on Aging (Other Owner) Identifying seniors at risk Match people in need with agencies Town space for cultural activities More multilingual staff and materials Enhance community education programs Nursing Service Explore regionalization opportunities
7.4.1 Incentives to keep post-school-age households in town
Commission on Disabilities (Lead Owner)
5.4.4 Employment information for the disabled
5.4.5 Expanding access to team sports
Commission on Disabilities (Other Owner) Concentrate growth Organize web-based car pooling and ride sharing. Pedestrian safety at town facilities Expand MinuteVan Coordinate MinuteVan and CoA Van Coordinate shuttles with neighboring communities Make play areas accessible Consider establishing a Diversity Awareness Day with diversity training materials and programs.
5.4.1 Universal Design / Town facilities
5.4.3 ADA Transition Plan
Community Education (Lead Owner)
4.3.3 Programs to connect those with shared interests Enhance community education programs
Community Education (Other Owner) Citizen's academy One-stop reservations and calendar
Community Preservation Committee (Other Owner) Concentrate growth Funding of open space protection CPA funding for some sidewalks Housing sites with open space purchases
Community Services Coordinator (Lead Owner) Identifying seniors at risk Match people in need with agencies
Community Services Coordinator (Other Owner) Publicize town information sources Citizen's academy
5.4.4 Employment information for the disabled
Conservation Commission (Lead Owner) Remove invasive plants
Conservation Commission (Other Owner) Index of developable parcels Zoning to support Key Centers Plan Encourage developer contributions of public space to town centers Freedom’s Way Landscape Inventory Recognize waterbodies as part of Acton's heritage Zoning that includes water quality impacts Lawn replacement Acton Stream Teams Enact a bylaw to control where landscape contractors dispose of debris. Promote healthy biological communities Discourage invasive plantings Education on native plants and biodiversity Tree-clearing bylaw Plant and protect large trees Maintain conservation lands Private and public funding mix for conservation lands