Who Owns What

Board of Health (Other Owner) Create a Zero Waste Committee to promote recycling, reduction, and reuse. Reduce use of throw-aways. Private trash haulers - waste reduction Enact a bylaw to control where landscape contractors dispose of debris. Unwanted electronics (e-waste) Allow more dividing of existing lots for economical housing Implement the Comprehensive Water Resources Management Plan
Building Department (Lead Owner) EPA WaterSense fixtures District heating Energy-efficient ("Cool") roofing
Building Department (Other Owner) Concentrate growth Geothermal energy Advice on energy reductions LEED certification Promote energy-efficiency upgrade programs Pedestrian safety at town facilities
5.4.1 Universal Design / Town facilities
5.4.2 Universal Design / Housing Technology for delivering services Explore regionalization opportunities Balance regulatory burden between public benefits and business needs Streamline business permitting Work with property owners to make improvements to existing commercial areas.
Citizens and citizen groups (Lead Owner) Kelley's Corner Association Acton Stream Teams Educate and increase people’s awareness of the need to reduce their carbon footprint. Energy 'barn raisings' Joint community and town effort to use less fossil fuels Citizen's academy
3.4.1 Encourage private efforts to organize neighborhoods Explore methods to maximize the use of existing playing fields and create new playing fields. Teen activities accessible without cars Preserve and acquire open space
Citizens and citizen groups (Other Owner) Concentrate growth Historic celebrations Include Native history Water education Monitoring private wells Education on disposal of unwanted items Reduce use of throw-aways. Packaging reduction incentives Encourage sports teams to use reusable sports bottles. Composting Unwanted electronics (e-waste) Geothermal energy Advice on energy reductions Organize web-based car pooling and ride sharing. Air-drying of clothing Remove invasive plants Promote healthy biological communities