Action Item Increase resident use of commuter rail

Increase the number of Acton residents who use the commuter rail system1
  • 1. Ways to encourage commuter rail ridership include:
    • Complete the connection of the Assabet River Rail Trail to the commuter rail station to encourage commuting by bicycle.
    • Consider guiding growth to South Acton near the station (see Objective 1.1)
    • Develop partnerships with local businesses to provide van shuttles to the train station.
    • Facilitate car-pooling to the station.
Long-Term (complete by 2030)
Primary Inventory Element: 
Other Inventory Elements: 
Land Use
Lead Owner: 
Planning Department<i> </i>
Transportation Advisory Committee<i> </i>
Other Owners: 
Citizens and citizen groups
Economic Development Committee
Economic Development Officer


How can there not be an action item here 'increase parking' ??

Added the 'See Also' to increase parking: