Action Item Funding of open space protection

Consider multiple ways to fund the acquisition of desirable open space parcels so the Town is in a position to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. This action step should begin in the short term and continue through the long term as opportunities and finances permit.
  • Use tax income from economic development
  • Consider higher Community Preservation Act assessments and continue to use Community Preservation funds for purchase of high priority sites
  • Borrow funds for major purchases
  • Research other fund opportunities
  • Consider “purchase and develop part” strategies as a way of funding open space purchases
Ongoing (existing actions or efforts to be continued and expanded)
Primary Inventory Element: 
Open Space
Lead Owner: 
Open Space Committee<i> </i>
Other Owners: 
Acton Community Housing Corporation
Community Preservation Committee
Finance Committee
Finance Department
Natural Resources Department
Planning Department