Action Item Implement OSRP (Open Space portion)

Support the implementation of the Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) including its proactive strategy to anticipate and respond to open space in terms of protection and acquisition of parcels, as well as water resource protection.1
  • 1. The OSRP is being updated in 2011. Based on the OSRP, define primary purpose of protecting open space and develop criteria for prioritizing parcels (e.g. conservation, views, active recreation, protection of water resources, etc.); create a short list of open space protection priorities and stay focused on that list. Ensure broad public understanding regarding which open space is not protected and to what degree protected space is indeed protected.
Short-Term (complete by 2015)
Primary Inventory Element: 
Open Space
Other Inventory Elements: 
Natural Resources
Cultural Resources
Lead Owner: 
Open Space Committee<i> </i>
Other Owners: 
Finance Committee
Natural Resources Department
Planning Board