Action Item Redevelop Kelley's Corner

Develop Kelley’s Corner (KC) into a mixed use town center and transportation hub. Prepare a Development Plan for Kelley’s Corner as part of the Key Centers Plan.1
  • 1. Based on this study:
    • Delineate areas that should receive development, infill, and redevelopment.
    • Determine desired density and type of use for these areas, e.g., wide range of shops and restaurants.
    • Prepare KC-specific design studies and design guidelines.
    • Create list of criteria to apply as incentives during special permit development review, e.g., proactive solutions for potential groundwater issues; provision by developers of outdoor seating; separating seating areas from sidewalk with plants, low fence, etc.
    • Consider Kelley’s Corner gateway opportunities, i.e., what the design of this area should communicate to visitors and citizens as they drive into town.
    • Plan how to resolve existing and potential stormwater issues in Kelley's corner
Short-Term (complete by 2015)
Town Meeting?: 
Primary Inventory Element: 
Land Use
Other Inventory Elements: 
Population and Housing
Economic Development
Lead Owner: 
Planning Department<i> </i>
Other Owners: 
Acton Community Housing Corporation
Acton Housing Authority
Design Review Board
Economic Development Committee
Economic Development Officer
Engineering Department
Health Department
Historical Commission
Open Space Committee
Planning Board
Recreation Commission
Recreation Department
School Committees
Sidewalk Committee
Transportation Advisory Committee
Tree Warden


FromACES: Include stormwater management and mitigation in the list of criteria to apply as incentives during special permit review.