Action Item Key Centers Plan

To determine which villages should receive more concentrated growth and the amount and type of new development, complete a Key Centers Plan that includes the recognized villages and Kelley’s Corner. Part of the Key Centers Plan will be a Development Plan for Kelley's Corner, specifying needed infrastructure improvements and zoning changes.1 The Plan should include a review of the existing Village Plans and their outcomes to date, and identify the highest priority components for early implementation to help the Town realize the centers’ full potential as destinations.
  • 1. The Key Centers Plan will set priorities for new development and redevelopment in centers. The plan should consider Kelley’s Corner and the villages as a system, build on existing strengths in each, identify necessary aesthetic and functional improvements, assess capacity for density incentives, and prioritize and sequence which areas to work on first. This plan would include a quantitative analysis of a Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) system, to verify which incentives are most likely to create the desired changes. The Kelley’s Corner Development Plan will be part of the Key Centers Plan; it will provide the basis to proceed with zoning changes and infrastructure investments needed to begin the improvements at Kelley’s Corner and promote development and redevelopment of key parcels as soon as practicable.
Short-Term (complete by 2015)
Primary Inventory Element: 
Land Use
Other Inventory Elements: 
Population and Housing
Economic Development
Natural Resources
Cultural Resources
Open Space
Lead Owner: 
Planning Department<i> </i>
Other Owners: 
Design Review Board
Economic Development Committee
Economic Development Officer
Engineering Department
Health Department
Historical Commission
Historic District Commission
Open Space Committee
Planning Board
Recreation Department


FromACES: Water and air quality, particularly stormwater management, motor vehicle traffic, and commercial or industrial uses that could introduce environmental and human health risks should be high priorities when considering “elements and qualities that contribute to the success of traditional villages”.