Action Item Local hazardous waste days

Have more hazardous waste days at the transfer station. Continue accepting pharmaceuticals, and continue to explore expanding the items to be collected.
2nd Highest
Ongoing (existing actions or efforts to be continued and expanded)
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Board of Health<i> </i>
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Health Department
Highway Department
Zero Waste Committee


Couldn't we have a permanent haz waste drop-off at the Acton Transfer Station where we would be able to place well-labeled and tightly closed containers of household chemicals (e.g. paints, motor oil, etc.) at any time during open hours? We could place them neatly on shelves/benches that might be provided inside some kind of shed located in the vicinity of the recycling and donation containers. I am thinking of something like the commercially available POD moving containers that are weatherproof, that people can step into and out of, and that can periodically be closed up and carted away to a processing facility. That way people would not have to retain these things for such long stretches of time in their own homes or be tempted to dispose of them in a non-optimal way. The current system is especially vexing when the appointed day finally comes but something else happens (over which we have no control) that prevents us from participating in that much anticipated semi-annual haz waste day. I bet a lot of 'stuff' ends up where it shouldn't, much of it making its way into our water supply. Here in Acton we drink what we spill, essentially.

From ACES: Pharmaceuticals have been accepted at some local hazardous waste days already, so there is no need to consider feasibility. There is a need to continue accepting pharmaceuticals, as they are a source of water contamination.