Action Item Ensure Zoning takes in to account the impact of new development.

On an ongoing basis, ensure that all zoning is coordinated with and takes into account the impact of new development on town services, facilities and infrastructure.
2nd Highest
Ongoing (existing actions or efforts to be continued and expanded)
Primary Inventory Element: 
Land Use
Other Inventory Elements: 
Economic Development
Lead Owner: 
Planning Department<i> </i>
Other Owners: 
Economic Development Committee
Planning Board


Kristin and Jim did not understand what this meant, so we weren't sure who the owners should be.

I think the idea here was that before the PB makes any major zoning changes, it needs to think through what the possible ramifications would be for the town's services and facilities. For instance, if we change zoning to really encourage building up Kelley's corner, then we need to understand what that kind of development will do to services and facilities--will it overburden them? If so, what can be done to mitigate this? I agreed that the lead responsible is the planning department and planning board would definitely be involved.