Goal 4: Provide More Opportunities for Community Gathering and Recreation

We value the small town feeling and appreciate the sense of community that results from frequent opportunities for interaction. We support providing places for casual social interaction and organized events that bring members of the community together. We believe in offering opportunities for intergenerational experiences and for sharing of inter-cultural celebration, and we aim to provide recreational opportunities for all ages.


The Acton COA is pleased to be included in your 2020 vision. We appreciate the support that was given at your November 9 gathering to building a new Senior Center with the possibility of including community use when the center is not in use for the senior citizens of Acton. Keep up the good work and we look forward to working with you in the future to reach our shared goals for our home town.

Barbara Tallone, COA Board

I look forward to being able to create a community gathering facility for townspeople. Repeatedly, the desire for "more opportunities to connect with others" has been voiced during the Acton 2020 process, to date.

I was at the November 9 gathering, where there was broad support for "creat[ing] a building that can accommodate the Senior Center and the larger community." I do not recall the language: "building a new Senior Center with the possibility of including community use when the center is not in use for the senior citizens of Acton."

I feel very strongly that what's needed is not a facility that's called a Senior Center, but a Community Center that accommodates the needs of all/most residents. I understand that groups of people have legitimate preferences and needs, and am happy to accommodate those reasonably. I have no problem at all with having some areas/hours/days dedicated to use by groups of people (seniors, teens, et al.). I do have a big problem with:

(1) calling the overall facility a Senior Center (once it's called that, it automatically marginalizes everyone else)
(2) always giving first priority for use to any one group and permitting use by others only if the designated group isn't using it
(3) siting such a facility in a location that demands that cars be used to access it (as we move toward creating local/regional transportation solutions, we should be looking at central locations, e.g., village centers, that would be natural stops on any fixed-route shuttle system, for example).

Surely we can create, when the time is right, a facility that is for all of us — a Community Center with spaces and/or times that comprise a "Senior Center." I am very supportive of seniors' needs being met, and believe that a hopeful common future lies in greater integration and connection among community members, and generous, mutual recognition of the needs of all groups of people. Thanks!