Action Item Town space for cultural activities

Continue to support and provide Town space for cultural activities and celebrations.
2nd Highest
Ongoing (existing actions or efforts to be continued and expanded)
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Lead Owner: 
Municipal Properties<i> </i>
School Committees<i> </i>
Other Owners: 
Council on Aging
Memorial Library
Recreation Department


The Acton Arboretum is an underused resource for community events, especially smaller events that would bring together the surrounding neighborhood and institutions, such as the library, firehouse, churches, town hall or other specific groups. The events could play on the historic character of this part of Acton. There should be events like historic re-enactments and Patriot's Day; open-air acoustic concerts, puppet shows, and plays or a summer series of town band and choral concerts; an Apple or Grange Day event including a pie-making contest that links to the former nature of the Arboretum as an apple orchard, and to the old dairy farm on Taylor Road; a spring event to celebrate the new set of lilacs, like at the Arnold Arboretum; and events that focus on nature, on energy and sustainability, linked to the Garden club's spring plant sale; or culturally-specific events that share special events of the town's Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and other cultural groups to the whole community; or a mid-summer's event featuring different kinds of traditional music, revels, and dancing, such as the local Morris dancers. These could be smaller, human-scale events, that attract young and old families that are unlike the crowded, NARA events with terrible bands that try to appeal to the lowest cultural denominator in town. West Acton has the farmer's market and Octoberfest - Central Acton needs an identity and ways to bring its community together too.