List By Element

Primary Inventory Element: Transportation
Action Items Other Inventory Elements : Provide more transportation service for seniors. : Teen activities accessible without cars Open Space, Facilities
Primary Inventory Element: Facilities
Action Items Other Inventory Elements : West Acton Village sewers Natural Resources : Stormwater planning to support 2020 plan Natural Resources, Land Use : Continue and expand on Acton Water District water conservation encouragement programs. Natural Resources, Sustainability : Support Acton Water District in enforcing and strengthening water use regulations. Natural Resources, Sustainability : LEED certification Sustainability : Energy retrofits on public buildings Sustainability : Pedestrian safety at town facilities Transportation : Usable video archives of key meetings : Publicize volunteer opportunities : More flexibility in volunteer opportunities
3.4.2 : Provide contact info for new residents to connect with organized neighborhood groups : Design and Build a community/senior center : Explore ideas for accomodating preschool children : One-stop reservations and calendar : Maintain conservation lands Natural Resources, Open Space, Sustainability
4.3.2 : Coordination for more multi-age activities
4.3.3 : Programs to connect those with shared interests Open Space : Inter-generational programs : Outreach to new seniors, especially across languages : Senior tax abatement strategies : Outreach to teens for planning Land Use : Teens involved in town governance : Document needs of an aging population : Identifying seniors at risk : Match people in need with agencies : Support agencies serving residents in need : Town space for cultural activities : More multilingual staff and materials : Expand language offerings : Extend multi-language support : Focus groups to improve outreach
5.4.1 : Universal Design / Town facilities
5.4.3 : ADA Transition Plan Open Space
5.4.4 : Employment information for the disabled : Minuteman renovation : Support existing efforts to explore regionalization opportunities in the K-6 grades. : Updating educational standards and practices : Volunteers for schools : Enhance community education programs Cultural Resources : Preventive maintenance of buildings and grounds : Evaluate underused buildings : Implement the Comprehensive Water Resources Management Plan Economic Development, Natural Resources, Land Use, Sustainability : Manage, preserve, and replace Acton’s street trees. Natural Resources : Technology for delivering services : Explore efficiencies for public safety : Public Safety staffing levels : Nursing Service : Fiscal balance between town and schools