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Primary Inventory Element: Cultural Resources
Action Items Other Inventory Elements
4.3.4 : Support cultural activities via publicity and space
4.3.5 : Support expanding private fundraising efforts for cultural events. : Acknowledge more holidays : Consider establishing a Diversity Awareness Day with diversity training materials and programs. : Recruit volunteers from ethnic and language minorities
Primary Inventory Element: Open Space
Action Items Other Inventory Elements : Encourage developer contributions of public space to town centers Economic Development : Implement OSRP (Open Space portion) Natural Resources, Cultural Resources : Funding of open space protection : Other tools for protecting open space Sustainability : Multi-use paths through open space Transportation : Implement OSRP (Recreation portion) : Playground for young children : Improve playground and park amenities : Playground committee : Make play areas accessible : Private and public funding mix for conservation lands Natural Resources : Ensure that playing fields are available to both youth leagues and adult leagues. : Explore methods to maximize the use of existing playing fields and create new playing fields. : Continue to support services for younger Actonians at the T.J. O'Grady Skate Park and Danny’s Place. Facilities : Teen place Facilities : Provide gathering places and recreational opportunities for families with young children. Facilities
5.4.5 : Expanding access to team sports : Preserve and acquire open space
Primary Inventory Element: Transportation
Action Items Other Inventory Elements : Village-specific sidewalk guidelines : Maintain sidewalk priority list : Construct more sidewalks : CPA funding for some sidewalks : Planning for bicycle improvements : Assabet River Rail Trail Open Space : Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Open Space : Connect ARRT and BFRT Open Space : Bike racks : Multi-use path planning Open Space : Pedestrian and bike maps : Increase awareness regarding sharing the road issues : Expand MinuteVan : Coordinate MinuteVan and CoA Van : Coordinate shuttles with neighboring communities : Public/private funding for shuttle : Increase resident use of commuter rail Land Use : Consider ways to increase the amount of parking at the train station : Traffic and parking in centers Economic Development : Reconfigure street layouts : Traffic calming : Improve business access. : Concord Rotary improvements : Improve commuter rail : Regional public transit : New Regional Transit Authority
4.2.4 : Non-motorized access to open space Open Space, Facilities