List By Element

Primary Inventory Element: Population and Housing
Action Items Other Inventory Elements : Housing for seniors Land Use : Housing Plan : Incentives for well-located affordable housing Land Use : Purchase deed restrictions in existing housing : Housing sites with open space purchases Open Space : Document the changing needs of a multicultural population Cultural Resources, Facilities
5.4.2 : Universal Design / Housing Land Use : Encourage empty nesters to stay in Acton Facilities
7.4.1 : Incentives to keep post-school-age households in town
Primary Inventory Element: Economic Development
Action Items Other Inventory Elements : Strategic plan for commercial properties Land Use : Kelley's Corner Association : Encourage the growth of local businesses that can provide local shopping opportunities and employment. Sustainability
3.4.3 : Encourage the business community to organize providing new residents with business information : Enhance commercial tax base : Employment-oriented development : Actively recruit a small-scale movie theater to locate in Acton. : New restaurants : Balance regulatory burden between public benefits and business needs Land Use : Buy Local campaign : Develop and maintain good relationships with existing businesses : Streamline business permitting
Primary Inventory Element: Natural Resources
Action Items Other Inventory Elements : Recognize waterbodies as part of Acton's heritage Cultural Resources, Open Space, Sustainability : Monitor groundwater quantity and quality Facilities, Land Use, Sustainability : EPA WaterSense fixtures Sustainability : Advanced package wastewater treatment Facilities, Land Use, Sustainability : Enhance quality of water discharges. Sustainability : Move industrial activity away from recharge areas Land Use : Monitoring private wells Sustainability : Update private well standards : Acton Stream Teams : Remove invasive plants Sustainability : Promote healthy biological communities Open Space, Sustainability : Discourage invasive plantings Sustainability : Education on native plants and biodiversity Sustainability : Tree-clearing bylaw Land Use : Plant and protect large trees Facilities : Forestry Management Plan Open Space, Sustainability
Primary Inventory Element: Cultural Resources
Action Items Other Inventory Elements : Scenic Roads Bylaw Transportation : Freedom’s Way Landscape Inventory Open Space : Identify historic features Open Space : Coordinate Historic District review process Land Use : Protection outside of Historic Districts : Outreach to private historic property owners : Tourist infrastructure Economic Development : Town gateways Economic Development : Historic celebrations : Include Native history : Publicize town information sources : Citizen's academy Facilities
4.3.1 : Non-commercial movie showings