Finding your way around the Implementation Plan

On the left is a navigation block. You can click to see more details.
Below the navigation block you can sign in or create an account. A signed in user can do better searches and add comments.
Below this text are the details for an item of the plan, initially the top level goals. Also, links you can click so see more information. and links to the detailed items that are a part of this item,
Below that there is a 'printer-friendly' link. That will get you a page that has that item and all items underneath it, on a single page.
On top are tabs:
-The Who Owns What tab shows you each committee, board, or other person or group who has lead or other responsibility, along with the action items they are responsible for.
-The Action Item Sorter tab lets you sort through the action items using various sorting criteria, such as priority, or whether the item represents a capital expense.
-The Home tab brings you back here, to the "top" of the plan

Acton 2020 Implementation Plan