Zoning to support Key Centers Plan

Action Item Zoning to support Key Centers Plan

Develop and enact zoning, including Transfer of Development Rights, to guide growth through infill and redevelopment in and around existing centers in support of the Key Centers Plan, including the Development Plan for Kelley's Corner.1
  • 1. The zoning should be specific to each center and should specify minimum performance standards and density incentives for meeting additional criteria, including Transfer of Development Rights from areas the Town wishes to preserve. It should address both buildings and landscape/streetscape. Examples of achieving vitality, attractiveness, and walkability include:
    • Encourage activity by promoting a variety of uses at different times of day and night, such as grocery store, a variety of businesses, family restaurant, places for programmed events, pubs, movie house, etc.
    • Support walkability in the centers by providing sidewalks along the street and well-lit and landscaped pathways to buildings and within parking lots. Provide parking on street and in combined lots behind buildings
    • Encourage unique and fun window-shopping
    • Support locally owned shops; develop “buy local” campaign
    • Identify, seek, and support anchor with “pulling power”
    • Provide more on-street parking to support businesses and help slow down traffic
    • Plant flowers and trees to enhance village streets and contribute to traffic mitigation
    • Encourage our ethnic communities to contribute vitality through cultural events, celebration, food, etc.
Short-Term (complete by 2015)
Primary Inventory Element: 
Land Use
Other Inventory Elements: 
Population and Housing
Economic Development
Open Space
Lead Owner: 
Planning Department<i> </i>
Other Owners: 
Conservation Commission
Design Review Board
Economic Development Committee
Economic Development Officer
Engineering Department
Health Department
Open Space Committee
Planning Board
Recreation Department
Transportation Advisory Committee
Tree Warden
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